From Angels Landing to Hiker’s Heaven

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One of the most popular endeavors for visitors of Zion National Park is the thrilling experience of hiking Angels Landing. While some hikes are simply a “walk in the park”, this is not one of them. A strenuous climb, an exhilarating feat, and views that make it all worthwhile, conquering Angels Landing is truly something to be proud of.

As you reach the top and admire the breathtaking canyon for miles on all sides around you, something remarkable happens: you realize just how much your body is capable of, and simultaneously just how small you are in connection to the incredible scenic landscape around you. It is an overwhelming, exhilarating feeling.

As you begin to descend back down the mountain, you recognize that you are spiritually and emotionally rejuvenated­ but physically beat. You cling to the chains and resume your windy walk to the bottom, and it becomes more and more apparent to you that you have expended every last possible bit of energy left in your weary body. The muscles in your back, neck, arms, and legs ache, your feet and ankles are begging you to stop, and although your eyes have witnessed grandeur beyond compare, they simply want to close and go to sleep!

The best medicine­ that you deserve after a day like today­ is a healing sixty or ninety minute massage. Allow your incredibly capable, but exhausted, body to recover with one of our relaxing and rejuvenating treatments. Resume the connection you feel with the earth with a serene outdoor massage, or stay in for the night with a comforting in­room massage alone or as a couple. You’ll even be ready for another day of high adventure in Zion tomorrow!

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